Remy Saxophones

The Remy Saxophones are the end result of saxophonists desires and a passion to create a saxophone of the highest order.

I began my career in saxophone repair and restoration 22 years ago. After 7 years I dreamed of one day coming out with a saxophone of my own design and functionality that would exceed the expectations of even the most demanding saxophonist. The only problem was; I did not have the tools nor the resources to build a saxophone with the characteristics I had in mind. People that know me, have been coming to me for repairs and overhauls for quite a long time and know the distinct quality of my work for a long time. Many would ask me “Why don’t you come out with your own horn?”

I told them I would only do it, if and when the quality standard I demand could be met for the right cost. Now, after 15 more years of dedicated experience working on saxophones of all makes and models, and listening to players desires, I have found the company that can make the parts exactly to my specifications. The saxophones are completely hand assembled in our atelier in Amsterdam. We customize and put all the knowledge and experience of the last 22 years into these horns. Listening to the hundreds (maybe thousands) of wishes, desire and ideas of what their ideal saxophone would sound and feel like, we came up with this horn that will please professionals and aspiring saxophonist alike.   I am excited to announce, I now have that very horn, the “Remy Saxophone”.

Remy Alt en tenor saxofoon

The “Remy Saxophones” A Product of the Players!

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